I’m Adam G. Roth

Digital Marketer, Programmer, Entrepreneur, Learner


That annoying kid at the front of the classroom who was always asking why...

I was never that guy. I preferred to attend a class for the first week or two, read the entire text-book, and never go to lectures again. It's not that I'm a rebel, I'm just passionately curious. That's why I'm looking for a company with a solid foundation and some gaps to fill. I have great experience, lots of energy, and a bit of that "vision thing". If your company is in need of an asset, I'm your guy.

Basic Information

  • Address:

    1100 N Negley Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15206

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  • Technical Specialties:

    Search Engine Optimization, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, A/B Website Testing, Sales Funnel Optimization, Digital Content Development, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Full Stack Software Development

Programming Languages

8 yrs
8 yrs
5 yrs
C# 5.0
2 yrs
2 yrs


2 yrs
8 yrs
2 yrs
3 yrs
2 yrs

Adam Roth's Experience

SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant (Founder) / Diamond Pillar SEO

Current Responsibilities
► Search Engine Optimization
► Social Media Management
► Adwords & Social Paid Ads
► Website Development
► Email List Management

► Currently writing Technical SEO textbook for Graduate level courses

Ecommerce Director (Founder) / National Physician Assistant Education

Current Responsibilities
• Delegate day to day business operations
• Outline and oversee execution of business strategy
• Personally responsible for all ecommerce, SEO & digital marketing

•Developed online medical review course
•Co-authored medical review book
•Executed all aspects of technical implementation
•Bootstrapped company from concept to current state (In 2016 approx 12% of all graduating physician assistants signed up for our review course trial)

  • ► Consistently maintain 12x industry average customer conversion rate and 64.52% gross profit margin.
  • ► Current Instagram social media following in excess of 20,000 achieved in under 5 months.
  • ► Oversee all aspects of digital marketing to optimize lead acquisition and customer conversion rates.
  • ► Manage all digital marketing campaigns including PPC advertising, email lists, social media, etc.
  • ► Delegate work and ensure proper communication between team members, freelancers, and contributors.
  • ► Leverage google analytics, webmaster tools, heat maps, etc. to measure campaign performance.
  • ► Rapidly expand social media presence and develop CTAs that establish quality lead generation.
  • ► Developed PANCE Online Revew Course, Physician Assistant Forums

Enterprise Architect / Analytics Engineer / US Department of Veterans Affairs

  • ► Optimized information management by ensuring agreement between technology and business needs.
  • ► Orchestrated collaboration of development teams across multiple organizations and countries.
  • ► Proposed and executed project to identify patterns across 3.5 petabytes of free-text patient data.
  • ► Implemented interactive data visualizations that enabled researchers to explore data in real-time.
  • ► Developed and managed strategy for relevant software and hardware system integrations.

Graduate Student Researcher - MMaching Learning & Natural Language Processing / Pitt DBMI & CMU Computer Science

• Mastered large scale information retrieval
• Resolved minute relationships between entities residing in gigantic networks
• Used Google's backlink model to detect fraud in academic publication citations
• Optimized search algorithms for querying PubMed
• Applications of Machine Learning to Biomedical Text mining

  • ► Developed deep understanding of google relevance algorithms and ranking methods.
  • ► Applied SEO and information retrieval techniques to biomedical data sets.
  • ► Created and maintained relevant websites, databases, visualizations and algorithms.
  • ► Used backlink citation networks of academic research papers to detect fraudulent referencing.
  • ► Designed state of the art improvements to search engine query expansion and relevance matching.
  • ► Publication – “Towards extracting supporting information about predicted protein-protein interactions.”


University of Pittsburgh Department of Biomedical Informatics
Masters of Science in Biomedical Informatics

Joint research oriented program with Carnegie Mellon Computer Science and Language Technologies Institute. Specialized in machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to large scale text mining.

Thesis: Applications of Machine Learning to Biomedical Text Mining

University of Pittsburgh Department of Biological Sciences
Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology

B.S. Project Title: “Analysis and Applications of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators”

York Suburban Senior High School
High School Diploma

Recent Projects

Data Analysis

A Few of My Sites

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